The Big Big Castle

"Gilbert and Kauzlaric do a great job of hiding the childish playfulness of the game under dry wit and game trappings like missions and goals, but underneath all that it's pure play time." --Touch Arcade

-- Pocket Gamer Gold Award -- USA Today Portable Pick

Build amazing 100, 500 or even 1000 foot tall castles for the King, because, well, that's what Kings like. Castles! And really big ones! Take on the role (if you dare) of the King's personal castle builder and be prepared to jump at his every whim as you build amazing castles for the kingdom.

Building castles hasn't been this much fun since 1326. And when you’re done building castles, it's time to destroy them! Use Cannonballs, Super Cannonballs and even UFOs to destroy not only your castles, but the castles of your Game Center friends.

Compete with your friends and the world to build the tallest and most amazing castles.