About Us

Making Games Like Nobody's Business

Making games is easy. Lots of people can do it. Your cousin can totally make one. That guy at the coffee place is probably working on a totally great game. You can too. After all, it's only some pixels, polygons and numbers rattling around on a screen.
This fundamental optimism and lack of common sense is why Beep Games, Inc. has been doing stuff with polygons, pixels and numbers for over a decade now. Beep Games has been around since 2003 A.D., with roots that go back to 2000. That's the year Clayton Kauzlaric left a perfectly good job to start a company and make a game about a plucky Voodoo Doll named Vince for the original Xbox. After that, we built a series of casual PC and mobile games. Our next misadventure is a newly-refurbished version of Voodoo Vince, called Voodoo Vince: Remastered, coming in early 2017.

Beep's philosophy is simple. We make games we actually like to play. We hope you like them too.